KA-BAR Legendary Knives
KABAR produced during the Second World War more than a million knives. KA-BAR knives began to be recognized for their quality, has led to a situation where the "Kabar" became the name that was used by many people for this pattern knife. Reliance on these knives when performing daily tasks such as tents, pile driving, driving nails, opening cans, digging ditches, not to mention the defense of life. With the growing popularity and earning the highest respect, the KA-BAR was adopted not only by the Marines, but also by the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Underwater Unit, and many years later they became available on the commercial market and accompany us to the present day , in the classic Legend of the form as well as a new more nowoczesnej.Przekonaj on what would become the KA-BAR, and certainly will not be disappointed.
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